360° Marketing: All about the campaign and its core aspects

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As the technology is expanding, reaching out to our customers is also easy. You can reach out to them through the various social media platforms available like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. The 360° marketing campaign is helpful in such a case. This kind of campaign is effective in reaching out to customers in all possible ways. But you all might be thinking about how to plan a 360° marketing campaign for your brand? Readout further to know more about it.

What is A 360° Marketing Campaign?

There are so many instances in your day-to-day life where you have experienced a 360° marketing campaign but it never stuck to your mind what exactly is it? Take an example from your daily life like you see a poster for a clothing brand, then when you travel you hear about the same brand in a radio Ad, later you also notice their Ad on a social media platform like Facebook. In the evening, you receive a pamphlet of the same brand presenting their offers on their items.

Because you notice the Ad so many times, it gets stuck in your head and you can’t stop thinking about it. To calm down your thought process, you check out their website on your phone and buy some items. After the purchase, you start receiving e-mails from them regarding their new coupons or new items added to their catalog.

This is the power of marketing and when it comes to 360° marketing it’s like the more you hear about the company or their Ads, the more you want to know what they are providing.

So, a 360° marketing campaign is all a mix of different kinds of strategies that marketing can relate to and all this is to implement a strong strategy for brand exposure.

There are various advantages of using this marketing style, some of them are listed below:

  1. It enhances brand awareness by ensuring consistency in messaging and design.
  2. It gives more thorough data that demonstrates what works and what does not.
  3. It provides more visibility, giving businesses an advantage over their competitors.
  4. It aids in the nurturing of current consumers, increasing engagement and brand promotion.
  5. It helps to allow customers to engage as per their needs, which in the end aids in lead creation.

Using a 360° marketing style in your brand is a true part of showing that you are not only relying on one strategy of marketing, rather you are mixing all kinds of methods that can help you reach out to your potential customers. It is not about being on every platform, instead, it is to make your new and old clients feel that your brand is everywhere.

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How to build 360° Marketing Camping?

When considering about 360° marketing, you need to keep in mind that you need to be consistent on every platform that you work on. There are a few steps that you can follow for 360° marketing:

Step 1: Study about how other brands are working on this campaign

You first need to see how your competitors are doing the campaign. You can also check other brands or companies to know exactly how they are working over it. Have a keen eye over big companies to see how they keep a track of their customers to make their message reach out to them on their phones, e-mails, and other such digital platforms.

Step 2: Understand your market audience

After having a look over how major companies use this design in execution for marketing, now the next step is to study your market audience. Understand what they want, what are their expectations, what problems they are facing, details about their device, and the digital channels they use.

Now the big question is how to find all these details?

You can create a customer persona or an image which is the main part of marketing. You need to do intense research, conduct interviews, and dig out information with your audience. This research about your audience will benefit you in the long run.

Step 3: What is the need for this 360° marketing campaign?

The main aspect of this is to understand what the need of this campaign is. Is it just a general campaign or do you want to focus on some specific aspect like some special courses that you brought recently or marketing of a specific brand that you have recently launched? Here you also need to figure out where your company is lacking, what are the weaknesses, and where your customers’ expectations are lying. This will give you a clear mindset to decide the need for the marketing campaign.

Step 4: Plan out the whole process

Planning the whole process is a big part and time-consuming. But this would surely give you a clear picture o what is to be done and you can focus on your actions rather than just plans. This marketing strategy requires a lot of hard work and is time-consuming. So you need to tighten your laces to do work smartly and effectively. Planning out the whole process also requires you to check if you have the right technology in hand to work out the whole process. This is a tedious part but is a very important step in planning.

Step 5: Check consistency in your strategy

After planning everything, just check over it once again to ensure everything is in a consistent order. If there is any loop hole left in the planning part, the whole marketing strategy tends to fail at a single click.

When to create a 360° campaign?

There are a few situations where you do not find answers on how to promote the business or which marketing technique to apply. We have listed a few pointers to let you know the need for a 360 marketing campaign:

  • When a business is well-known in one market but wishes to reinvent itself in another.
  • To spread the news about a company’s rebranding
  • Prioritizing cornerstone efforts above less critical campaigns
  • To resurrect underperforming items, particularly if the corporation hasn’t concentrated on promoting that product in a long time.
  • To create a brand image for new businesses.
  • To publicize a new product or service

What Resources Strategies to Use for 360° Marketing Campaign?

 As said above, a 360° marketing campaign is a mixture of various techniques. But, you cannot just put in anything. There are a few components required for the marketing campaign:

  • A well-worked website

It is rightly said that the first impression is your last impression. So make your company website attractive and driven so that the customer reads more from it. Keep in mind that your website should also match the new set of rules set by Google for websites. It should also be mobile friendly and not too overcrowded. The information should be displayed in a clear and precise manner.

  • SEO Knowledge or SEO based writer

SEO or Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website occurs in the searched results. SEO provides you with the traffic on your website. The keywords are an important part of the SEO technique. The keywords you select are what allow people to find you. You will be waging an impossible struggle without them. Prioritize on-page keyword techniques and locate the best keyword for each piece of content.

  • Pay per click advertising

Pay per click is one form of advertising and is responsible for traffic on your website. You get paid with one click on the Ads displayed on your website. This way marketing can be done for the brand whose Ad is being displayed and you get to earn out of it.

  • Social media marketing

Keeping an eye on your social media handles is very crucial. These platforms are important to promote your brand, and products, and even interact with your potential customers. You should make effective captions for your posts and even comment back on your post to gain customers.

  • Content marketing

Content is the boss of your marketing strategy. So focus on the content marketing aspect. It helps you to promote your products, gain more followers, reach more brands, and even gain brand awareness.

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360° Marketing Campaign Examples

  • Dunkin Donuts uses a 360° marketing campaign. Its mission is to increase its sales of coffee. So, they used this campaign by releasing coffee aroma through a machine whenever a radio advertisement for the company is made. This resulted in an increase in coffee sales at their shops near bus stops.
  • Coca-Cola is a perfect example of a 360° marketing campaign. It comes with the slogan “Share Coca-Cola with a friend”. This slogan is seen everywhere and has the same slogan in social media ads, banners, radio ads, etc. They also encouraged their customers to post their images with Coca-Cola along with a hashtag. This helped the brand reach a greater audience.
  • The same applies to Lays. They also introduced a half-face on their Lays packet. As everyone is into social media and posting images on the platform. This idea was captured by the brand and they introduced the half-face on the packet. This way the customers posted images with the half-face on social media or on the Lays website as well which increased brand awareness and reach out to more than a million customers. 
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