How to Sell on Amazon in 2023

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Amazon is a popular marketplace for both vendors and buyers. It has launched its FBA programme in response to increased seller demand. This service enables merchants to use the platform’s extensive distribution network and consumer base to realize their business goals. It is the most popular platform among retailers. If you’re looking to sell on Amazon, then Amazon is lovely for new sellers who don’t have much, to begin with. There is a thriving market for used and reconditioned products, so you may begin by selling stuff from yard sales, thrift stores, or even around your home. Suppose you’re handy with rebuilding or refurbishing. In that case, that’s even better – patch up some small appliances so they operate like new, or replace the battery in last year’s laptop, and they’ll be excellent for bargain-hunters.

What is amazon, and how does it work?

Amazon is a platform where anybody can sell and purchase things. Amazon began as an online bookselling service and has since evolved into an internet-based business operation primarily focused on offering e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence (AI) services. The firm has a massive product variety and inventory, allowing customers to buy almost everything, such as apparel, beauty supplies, gourmet cuisine, jewellery, books, movies, electronics, pet supplies, furniture, toys, garden supplies, and home products.

Amazon is headquartered in Seattle and operates a global network of websites, software development centres, customer support centres, data centres, and fulfilment facilities.

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If you want to sell on Amazon, you need first to understand how Amazon operates. The most straightforward explanation in five points is provided below.
  1. You become an Amazon seller.
  2. You post your items on Amazon and select their prices.
  3. Amazon is where your customer buys your merchandise.
  4. Amazon takes a commission for each item sold.
  5. Every seven days, payment for the items sold is put into your bank account (minus the Amazon Fees).

Benefits of selling on amazon

1. Low initial outlay

Amazon’s listing costs are reasonable, and as an independent seller, you will only be charged once anything sells. Once you’re ready to compete, a Professional Seller account is at a minimal monthly cost and gives you access to vital selling tools.

2. Reach Millions of Potential Customers

Amazon is the first destination for millions of online shoppers, with over 310 million active consumer accounts. Sixty-five million of these users are loyal enough to Amazon to purchase an Amazon Prime membership, which offers access to extra advantages.

3. Take Advantage of Amazon’s Reputation

Amazon has several standards in place to ensure that its marketplace is a secure and dependable place to purchase. Buyers appreciate this and understand that Amazon sellers must achieve these requirements in order to continue selling. Your presence on Amazon helps to lessen the danger that some customers associate with online buying, allowing you to reap the benefits of Amazon’s customer care, which is terrific for your business.

4. Fantastic Shipping with Amazon Fulfillment

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a service in which you submit your inventory to Amazon, and they choose, pack, and ship your items straight from their warehouse. When you use FBA, Amazon assumes responsibility for any difficulties that emerge during shipping, such as late shipments, damaged merchandise, or other issues. Your reputation as a merchant is not harmed.

5. Amazon Contributes to the Work

When selling on Amazon, your consumers are, first and foremost, Amazon’s customers. To begin with, Amazon handles most of the technical elements, but they also manage most of the customer service, mainly if you utilize FBA. Amazon will handle address changes, customer questions, order difficulties, and other issues. With Amazon on your team, you’ll discover that you have more time to focus on other elements of your business. You’ll get a lot more done when you don’t spend hours each day packing and delivering things or dealing with consumer problems that Amazon can solve.

How to register on amazon

Before you begin selling, you must have all of your information and documentation ready. Here is a checklist of everything you would require to start registering as a seller on

  • Active Mobile Phone Number
  • GST Identification Number
  • Pan Specifications
  • Account in Good Standing
  • Email Address

How much does it cost to sell products on Amazon?

There are many costs involved with selling on

Amazon Selling Fee = Referral Fee + Closing Fee + Shipping Fee + Other Fee

Referral Fees: A fee levied by as a percentage of revenues generated by the sale of any goods. It changes depending on the category.

Closing Fees: A fee levied in addition to the Referral Fee based on the price of your goods.

Weight Handling Fees – The cost of shipping your product via Easy Ship and FBA.

Other Fees – FBA charges for picking, packing, and storing your items.

Delivering products to customers

Body Order Fulfillment is the entire process of completing online purchases. Customers view your firm based on its efficiency, which entails multiple phases. When a consumer purchases online, they want the things to arrive in good condition and on schedule. The consumer isn’t concerned with how you accomplish it; the end product is essential to them.

Fulfilment encompasses warehouse management, order administration, packing, delivery, and customer contact, whether in-house or outsourced. Depending on your business strategy, you have several alternatives on how to go with this procedure. Order fulfilment includes keeping inventories, packing items, shipping, and fulfilling orders.

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1. Amazon Fulfillment or FBA

When you sign up for FBA, you send your items to the Amazon Fulfillment Center (FC), and Amazon handles the rest. Once an order is received, Amazon FBA will pack and ship your items to the buyer while also managing customer inquiries.

If you want to scale quickly on Amazon, it would be wise to go with FBA. Being on FBA may help you raise your sales by a factor of ten. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) allows you to keep your items in FBA centres, where they will select, pack, Ship, and offer customer care. If you want to sell on Amazon, please sign up as a ‘Seller on Amazon’.

The following are some of the benefits of adopting Fulfillment by Amazon and why it is crucial.

  • Customers should be able to receive endless free and quick delivery. Amazon’s same-day or next-day shipping has spoilt everyone. Customers increasingly demand and purchase things that can be delivered in a day or two.
  • You keep your items at Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers (FC), and they handle the rest, including choosing, packaging, and shipping. Because Amazon has many FCs in virtually every state, this results in quicker delivery delays for your purchases. As a result, you may keep your goods in several stages. Customers will receive their orders within a day or two.
  • Amazon handles customer service and refunds. There is no need to recruit additional personnel or pay for tools for customer support or returns. You just send your goods to FBA and concentrate on other aspects of your business.
  • Prime Eligibility. Because of the quicker delivery deadlines, your items will receive the premier badge.
  • There are no Buybox issues.
How Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon Works?
Amazon FBA operates in a pretty easy manner.
  1. You submit your items to FBA, which means you send them to Amazon’s warehouse or FC.
  2. Amazon FBA carefully stores your merchandise.
  3. Customers buy your things, and Amazon handles everything from payment to inventory updates.
  4. Amazon FBA chooses, packs, and sends your items to customers.
  5. Amazon covers the majority of your customer service needs, including returns and refunds.
  6. Amazon sends your sales proceeds immediately into your bank account every seven days.

2. Drop Shipping

You do not buy or own the thing you sell while drop shipping. You are the intermediary who may never see the physical product. You focus on marketing the goods, and when an order comes in, it is forwarded to the drop shipper or manufacturer, who packs and sends the product to the customer. The difference between the selling price and the price you pay the drop shipper generates your profit. The advantage of drop shipping is that you do not have to invest money in stocks that are not moving. Though you are removed from the fulfilment process in this procedure, you are still responsible for the sold product.

Some of the advantages of utilizing Easy Ship are as follows:

  1. Amazon delivers quickly and securely.
  2. You have complete control over your inventory. There are no storage fees.
  3. handles customer assistance and refunds.
  4. Select your own packaging

The following are the disadvantages of utilizing Easy Ship:

  1. There is no Prime badge.
  2. There will be no same-day or next-day delivery.

3. Self-ship

In this fulfilment approach, you own the inventory and fulfil orders without the involvement of a third party. Manufacturing and inventory control are combined under one roof, and you may rent warehouse space that serves as your distribution hub, with pickers and packers delivering your items to customers. Your profit is the difference between the sale price and the costs of manufacturing/purchasing the goods, storing them, and fulfilling orders. The most significant benefit of self-actualization is that you are constantly in charge. Though it takes some time, you will know how your items are chosen and packed and when they are dispatched to the consumer. 

As an Seller, you can store, pack and deliver your items to customers on your own using a third-party carrier or your own delivery staff. 

The following are some of the advantages of utilizing Self-Ship:

  1. Complete command of your company
  2. For operations, use your own resources.
  3. will only get closing and referral fees.

The following are the disadvantages of utilizing Easy Ship:

  1. There is no Prime badge.
  2. There will be no same-day or next-day delivery. Amazon often displays a 7-day delivery timeframe as the default choice.
  3. MFN (MFN stands for Merchant Fulfilled Network) has Buybox difficulties. It is also referred to as FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant).

What is Amazon Seller Central?

When you sign up for an account on, you will have access to the Seller Central dashboard. It’s where you’ll manage your Amazon selling venture. You’ll find everything you need to operate your business here, from adding items to tracking orders to discovering tools to help you create a successful brand. Seller Central is the site via which you may access your Amazon seller account. It’s a one-stop shop for efficiently managing sales and your go-to resource for selling on Amazon’s marketplace.

Amazon Seller Central provides you with valuable tools and material to help you navigate your seller account and expand your company on Amazon, all from a single dashboard. Log in to track your Amazon sales activity and much more.

The following are just a handful of the things you can accomplish using Seller Central.

  • Using the Inventory tab, you can keep track of your inventory and change your listings.
  • Download customized business reports and bookmark templates that you use frequently.
  • Monitor your seller success using consumer metrics tools.
  • Use the Case Log to contact Selling Partner Support and initiate support tickets.
  • Keep track of your daily sales for all of the Amazon goods you sell.

How to list products on Amazon?

You must include product information such as the product category, brand name, product features and specs, product photos, and pricing when listing items on Amazon. All of these facts are provided to your buyer in order to assist them in purchasing your goods. After listing the product, you must optimize the product listing. The Amazon listing process is straightforward. If your product is not already featured on Amazon, you must establish a new listing so that shoppers can access all critical information about it. An ASIN is immediately generated when you list a product on any of Amazon’s foreign marketplaces (Amazon Standard Identification Number). ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a 10-character number that is created automatically. It is an alphanumeric identifier that aids in catalogue product identification. However, if you create a new listing, your product will be assigned a new unique ASIN.

Reviews and Ratings of Products

Amazon is a platform that relies on customer feedback. Customers purchase items after reading product reviews. More reviews equal more sales. The greater the star rating, the more noticeable your goods will be to purchasers. Customer reviews assist customers in learning more about the product and determining whether it is the perfect product for them. Customer Reviews should provide customers with authentic product feedback from other customers. Amazon has a strict zero-tolerance policy for reviews that are intended to mislead or manipulate customers. 

When you begin selling on Amazon, you will face competition from businesses that have hundreds of thousands of ratings on their items. So, if you don’t obtain product reviews, it will be tough to generate orders.

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Why Are Amazon Ads Important?

Only when your items are exposed to buyers can you make sales on Amazon. If they are not accessible on the first page when people search for them, there is a very slim chance that you will receive any orders. The majority of purchasers do not even proceed to the second page of the Amazon website and stop scrolling after 2-3 scrolls on the mobile app. As a new brand, you will not have organic exposure on the first page of Google for relevant keywords. To make your items visible to buyers, you must run advertisements.

There are several advantages to advertising on Amazon:
  • Advertisers desire a high-quality, brand-safe environment.
  • Shortening the sales cycle
  • Improving product visibility and sales history
  • Increasing brand recognition
  • Learning about shifting consumer behaviours and refining marketing to reach a more focused audience
  • Tons of data on who your clients are and how they purchase 
  • Discovering the best strategies to gain consumers at any given moment
  • Keeping track of your outcomes and making data-driven decisions.

What exactly is Brand Registry?

When you sell on Amazon, you may run into problems if someone begins selling things with your brand name or replicates your product photos or content. To protect your brand against counterfeiting, you must register with Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon Brand Registry is a service that assists brand owners in protecting their intellectual property and product content on Amazon. The most significant advantage of the programme for manufacturers is the direct effect on their detail pages. It also provides registered Amazon merchants with a plethora of optimization options.

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